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Join "Recent Advances in Medical Image Analysis" webinar featuring a talk from Dr Maria Valdés Hernández- Fondation Leducq Transatlantic Network of Excellence scientist, working at the Row Fogo Centre for Research into Ageing and the Brain, The University of Edinburgh.

The webinar has been organised by the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET).


Webinar details

Date & Time: 25 Jun 2021, 14:00 BST

Registration: free of charge

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Brief description

Diagnosis and treatment of multiple conditions and diseases requires the acquisition of samples, either extracted from patients as in biopsies, or observed with non-invasive methods like x-rays. However, the acquisition of the data is just the beginning of the process. Images need to be carefully observed and analysed, traditionally by specialists like pathologist or radiologist. Algorithms to assist diagnosis have existed for some time, and with the development of computer power, these are more and more sophisticated, some of these are now grouped under the “artificial intelligence” umbrella term.



  • Constantino Carlos Reyes-Aldasoro (Chair)
  • Peter Bankhead
  • Dr Maria Valdés Hernández
  • Hamid R. Tizhoosh
  • Francesco Bianconi
  • Mitko Veta


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