Angela joined Centre for Clinical Brain Sciences at The University of Edinburgh as a Research Fellow in Psychology. She holds BSc in Psychology, MSc in Healthcare Psychology with specialisation in Clinical Neuropsychology, both from University of Amsterdam (the Netherlands), and MSc in Neuroscience & Cognition from Utrecht University (the Netherlands). During her studies Angela worked on neuropsychiatric symptoms in Alzheimer’s disease, the use of DTI-based network analysis in individual patients, and the relationship between venules and perivascular spaces. The aim of her PhD project is to identify characteristics of SVD lesions that indicate potential for reversibility, the patient- and tissue-level factors to lesion resolution versus progression and their interactions with white matter tracts that lead to dementia. She will be involved in cognitive assessments in the sporadic SVDs study and other clinical studies.


Key publications

Jochems, et. al. (2020). Relationship Between Venules and Perivascular Spaces in Sporadic Small Vessel Diseases. Stroke. 2020 May;51(5):1503-1506; PMID: 32264759

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