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Founded in 1582, The University of Edinburgh is a leading institution for research in small vessel disease, dementia and stroke. The research team is based within the Centre for Clinical Brain Sciences in the College of Medicine, highly integrated in the local Edinburgh Neuroscience community.  

Image courtesy of Edinburgh Imaging


Key Publications:

Potter et al. 2015  Enlarged perivascular spaces and cerebral small vessel disease. Int. J. Stroke 10(3):376-81. PMID: 23692610

Wardlaw et al. 2013 Neuroimaging standards for research into small vessel disease and its contribution to ageing and neurodegeneration. Lancet Neurol 12(8):822-838 PMID: 23867200


Professor Joanna Wardlaw
Dr Lucia Ballerini
Dr Michael Thrippleton
Dr Michael Stringer
Dr Fergus Doubal
Dr Lizzie Hill
Dr Una Clancy
Emily Sleight
Alasdair Morgan