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Congratulations to Dr Axel Montagne for winning the SCOR European Young Investigator Award 2021 awarded by La Fondation Recherche Alzheimer. 


About Dr Axel Montagne

Dr Montagne previously worked with the University of Southern California, where he worked closely with Professor Berislav Zlokovic, as part of the Fondation Leducq Transatlantic Network of Research Excellence. Dr Montagne has recently joined The University of Edinburgh UK Dementia Research Institute, where he established the MontagneLab.

His scientific work aims to understand how, when, and where endothelial cells and pericytes lining the blood-brain barrier become dysfunctional in the early stages of age-related cognitive decline using cutting-edge brain imaging technology. The MontagneLab ultimate goal is to develop precise treatments targeting brain vasculature to protect brain functions.     


When asked how he feels about the award, Dr Montagne replied: 

"I’m very proud of this award as it recognizes my hard work and dedication for dementia research for the past 10 years"

Dr Axel Montagne

Chancellor's Fellow & UK DRI Group Leader


Interview with Dr Axel Montagne

UK Demenia Research Institute (UK DRI) condcuted an Q&A session with Dr Axel Montagne about his work. Please, read it here:

UK DRI interview with Dr Axel Montagne (external link)


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Follow Dr Axel Montagne lab in Twitter:

Twitter: @MontageLab


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