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Row Fogo Centre for Research into Ageing and the Brain

Leducq centre against small vessel disease: Pathogenesis of small vessel disease in the brain


Sleep Disorder Knowledge Portal

Joint Programme in Neurodegenerative Disease Research initiative (JPND) database

MetaVCI Map - International collaborative platform for lesion-symptom mapping research 

Interactive map of UK stroke trials, whose databases are hosted by the University of Nottingham Division of Stroke Medicine, and showing the LACunar Intervention Trial 2 (LACI-2) and the Rates, Risks and Routes to Reduce Vascular Dementia (R4VaD) study, both led from the University of Edinburgh

International cerebral amyloid angiopathy (CAA) Association

Learning materials - databases, software releases and image analysis visual tools

Image databanks, software releases, and image analysis visual tools developed at the University of Edinburgh

Image databanks and other databases at The University of Edinburgh

Software facilitating neuroimaging analysis at The University of Edinburgh

Image analysis visual tools at The University of Edinburgh


Algorithms developed by our MICON collaborator

Applications helping to assess risk of patients with microbleeds, a subtype of small vessel disease

NeuroMind - mobile and web application

NeuroMind -MICON risk tool for ischemic stroke/intracerebral hemorrage


Neuroimaging tools that use Convolutional Neural Network algorithms developed at the Sunnybrook Research Institute, University of Toronto

Intracranial volume algorithm

Ventricular segmentation algorithm

Hippocampal segmentation algorithm 1

Hippocampal segmentation algorithm 2


Charitable organisations and support networks

Stroke Association Homepage

Alzheimers Society Homepage 



Edinburgh Imaging Academy online Masters, certificates and short courses: www.ed.ac.uk/edinburgh-imaging/academy

Online MSc/Dip/Cert Imaging - www.imagingmsc.ed.ac.uk
Online MSc/Dip/Cert Neuroimaging for Research - www.neuroimagingmsc.ed.ac.uk
Online Certificate PET-MR Principles & Applications - www.petmrcert.ed.ac.uk
Online Certificate Applied Medical Image Analysis - www.imageanalysiscert.ed.ac.uk 


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