Dr Lizzie Hill joined the Centre for Clinical Brain Sciences at The University of Edinburgh in January 2018 as a Sleep Research Fellow, leading the Fondation Leducq-funded Brain Changes in Sleep Apnea study at the Edinburgh site. In this study, a collaboration with Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre in Toronto investigating cerebral small vessel disease in adults with obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA), participants underwent MRI scanning to assess markers of small vessel disease before and after 4 months of continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) therapy for OSA, along with measures of cognitive function and sleep. Recruitment is now complete in Edinburgh, with 44 participants enrolled.

Lizzie trained in the Department of Sleep Medicine at the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh alongside Dr Renata Riha, one of the principal investigators on the Brain Changes in Sleep Apnea study. She was awarded her PhD by Research at The University of Edinburgh in 2016 for her study of prevalence and treatment of obstructive sleep apnoea in adults with Down syndrome. Lizzie is active within the (inter)national sleep community, and is currently President of the European Society for Sleep Technologist and Education Lead for the British Sleep Society.

Although she has now joined the Nuffield Department of Clinical Neurosciences at the University of Oxford as a Course Tutor on the Oxford Online Masters Programme in Sleep Medicine, Lizzie retains visitor status with the University of Edinburgh to continue to collaborate on the Brain Changes in Sleep Apnea study to completion.    

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