Eleni joined the Centre of Clinical Brain Sciences at the University of Edinburgh back in 2003, as the imaging data manager for the IST-3 trial, whilst since 2012 she holds the post of Imaging Data Research Manager within the SMARTIS group which is part of Edinburgh Imaging. SMARTIS (Systematic Management, Archiving and Reviewing Trial Imaging Services) provides a complete and bespoke image management package for clinical imaging trials.

Eleni is responsible for setting up the trial centres for Imaging Acquisition and Image Transfer for UK-wide and international clinical trials, archiving large medical scan datasets, performing QA work and further image analysis (WMH, stroke lesion and brain volumes).  

At presently, Eleni is managing the imaging data for the RIGHT-2 and the ATTEST-2 clinical trials, the R4VaD study where she is housekeeping, archiving and sending the trial scans for reviewing, while chasing up missing and/or problematic imaging cases. Furthermore, she is editing WMH volumes in the MSS3 study.


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