Dr Ararat Chakhoyan is working at University of Southern California, at Zilkha neurogenetic Institute. In the laboratory of Pr. Berislav V. Zlokovic, he's performing on a 7T small animal MRI to understand brain vascular&oxygen dysfunction preceding cognitive decline in various mice models. One of his research topics is covering brain white matter abnormalities, seen as hyper-intensities on T2w-FLAIR MRI.  

With a strong background in the field of translational brain imaging, Dr Chakhoyan is using multimodal PET/MRI as biomarker, clinical follow-up tool, as well as outcome predictor in patients with cerebro-vascular pathologies (Glioma tumors, TBI, Alzheimer's disease, etc). 


Human Brain Mapping 

-Multiparametric MRI (Multi-Echo-PWI, DWI, BOLD, qBOLD, CEST, NMR Spectroscopy)

-PET imaging (FMISO, F-DOPA, FLT, FDG, F-AV1451 (Tau), F-FBB (Amyloid)).


Key publications

Axel Montagne, Daniel A. Nation, Abhay P. Sagare, Giuseppe Barisano, Melanie D. Sweeney, Ararat Chakhoyan, Maricarmen Pachicano, Elizabeth Joe, Amy R. Nelso, Lina M. D’Orazio, David P. Buennagel, Michael G. Harrington, Tammie L. S. Benzinger, Anne M. Fagan, John M. Ringman, Lon S. Schneider, John C. Morris, Eric M. Reiman, Richard J. Caselli, Helena C. Chui, Julia TCW, Yining Chen, Judy Pa, Peter S. Conti, Meng Law, Arthur W. Toga & Berislav V. Zlokovic. APOE4 leads to blood-brain barrier dysfunction predicting cognitive decline. Nature 2020. 

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Yao J, Chakhoyan A, Nathanson DA, Yong WH, Salamon N, Raymond C, Mareninov S, Lai A, Nghiemphu PL, Prins RM, Pope WB, Everson RG, Liau LM, Cloughesy TF, Ellingson BM. Metabolic characterization of human IDH mutant and wild type gliomas using simultaneous pH- and oxygen-sensitive molecular MRI. Neuro-Oncol 2019.

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